Foreigners experience Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday

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Thursday, February 14, 2019 – 8:25:58 Print

Many foreigners living in Vietnam and tourists take advantage of their opportunity to experience the Lunar New Year (Tet festival), which took place in the country from Feb. 2-10.

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It’s the second time Gary Lambert has visited Vietnam, and he was lucky to experience two Tet festivals. The beautiful moments of early spring have made him feel blessed in the special occasion.

To Garrett Smith, an American expat  who is working in Da Nang, it’s the first time he had a chance to try Chung cake – one of a must-have dishes during Vietnam’s traditional Tet festival.

Despite being new to the Vietnamese traditional customs during Tet holiday, but thank to help of friendly locals, many foreign expats have began to love Vietnam’s Tet holiday.

To Vietnamese people, Tet is a time for gathering and enjoying the early spring after a hard working year, but to many foreigners, Tet is a chance for them to experience, and learn about Vietnamese culture and keep amazing memories of a friendly and hospitable Vietnam./.


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