Indonesia deploys fighters to guard against fleeing militants
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Indonesia deploys fighters to guard against fleeing militants

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Sukhoi fighters at a military base (Source:

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia deployed Sukhoi fighters on June 18 at a base in the
northern island of Borneo to strengthen security in case Islamist militants in
the Philippines try to flee southwards.

Krisyanto, the head of the air base in Tarakan, a town in North Kalimantan
province, said that three Sukhoi fighters will remain for a month from June 16
to prevent radicals fighting the Philippine military in Marawi city from
escaping to Indonesia.

naval authorities asked local people, including fishermen in border areas
facing the Philippines, to report any suspicious people.

police mobile brigade corp were also been sent to northern areas on Sulawesi
island to prevent militants from crossing the border.

June 16, some of the Islamist militants who stormed Marawi city in the south of
the country in May may have mingled with evacuees to slip away during the
battle that has raged for almost four weeks.

military said that up to 200 fighters, most of them from local insurgent groups
that have pledged allegiance to Islamic State, but also some foreign fighters,
are holding out, using civilians as human shields and mosques as safe havens. -


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