The Symphony: a slice of Manhattan and Tokyo in Vietnam

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The new complex in progress Phu My Hung Midtown is inspired by world-famous cosmopolitan vistas like Tokyo Midtown and Midtown Manhattan. Under the development plan, Phu My Hung Midtown will be a self-contained complex proffering residents a myriad of service facilities for convenience.

Truong Quoc Hung, vice president of Phu My Hung Development Corporation, said that Phu My Hung Midtown is expected to set a new benchmark in Ho Chi Minh City as it creates a living area on par with the modern landscapes in Tokyo and The US. Many domestic and foreign homebuyers have recognized the allure of complex rising in the heart of the up and coming cosmopolitan district.

In fact, Phu My Hung Midtown’s first condominium tower known as The Grande has recorded a complete take-up following its launch. The Symphony is the second residential project in the complex which combines elegance and convenience in a prime location, capturing the attention of the market right from the launch of its model condos on April 27.

The event showcased these model condos on Tran Van Tra Street in Phu My Hung urban area attracted nearly 600 customers, indicating that The Symphony promises to be hugely attractive to buyers.

The complex was success in capture customers attention mostly because it has the first ever 11,600-square-metre Sakura Park in Vietnam. According to the developer, Singapore Sakura trees will be imported from Singapore for better care and maintenance due to the similarity of climate between Singapore and Vietnam. The park is designed for all age groups, with a recreational area for children, a meeting place inside the sculpture garden, a fountain square, and a quiet place for book-lovers.

Featuring hundred Singapore Sakura trees bursting with colour for the viewer’s pleasure. Phu My Hung Midtown is to become one of the top cherry blossom viewing spots in the complex, enthralling residents with the all-year ambience of the traditional Japanese spring festival, the Hanami.

In addition, the capital value of Phu My Hung Midtown residential projects in general and The Symphony in particular, would increase faster upon reaching full occupation and being connected to the Sakura Park once the complex is completed. It will be an ideal destination for family-oriented homebuyers looking for their place in the sun.  

Moreover, international buyers focus on the reputation of developers, looking at track record, the development concept, high quality management and future operation. Essentially they are looking for long-term quality and sustainability. Phu My Hung Midtown are well managed in terms of architecture, landscape, and security to ensure the best living standard in the city, meeting the sophisticated needs of successful locals as well as expatriates.

Homebuyers with school-age children will be spoilt for choice with many reputable international schools in the vicinity such as the Canadian International School, the Saigon South International School, the Japanese School, the Taipei School and the Korean School.

Many foreign-invested companies have flocked to the area to open their businesses. As such, homebuyers can enjoy a vibrant business environment in the urban area with banks, office buildings, multi-service units, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Furthermore, The Symphony provides its future residents with easy access to a wide spectrum of on-site amenities, such as a swimming pool, fitness area, sauna, massage, and a library. There is also a plethora of outdoor facilities for homeowners to cherry-pick from, ranging from outdoor putting green to a beautiful rooftop yoga gardens.

Families can also enjoy a healthier living environment at The Symphony thanks to the high green coverage ratio in Phu My Hung City Centre urban area. The residential area’s front two towers were constructed are developed lower than the back ones to ensure energy efficiency. Each apartment will receive abundant natural light and wind from large windows to create a healthy living environment.

Above all, Phu My Hung has experienced security contractors offering 24 hour surveillance CCTV coverage to ensure residents’ personal safety. Meanwhile, its property management team will take care of all kinds of maintenance to maximise the value of clients’ assets.

Hence, Phu My Hung Midtown’s 319-unit residential project The Symphony allows homeowners to enjoy the best of cosmopolitan life in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Symphony of an oriental metropolis

The Symphony of an oriental metropolis

Following the complete take-up of The Grande, Phu My Hung has officially unveiled the second condominium tower known as The Symphony in Phu My Hung Midtown complex.

Happy Residence graced by impressive sales performance

Happy Residence graced by impressive sales performance

Happy Residence has achieved an impressive sales performance thanks to Phu My Hung’s effective business strategy centring on sustainable development.

Families with school children find real home at Happy Residence

Families with school children find real home at Happy Residence

Every parent wants to give their children the best education possible and Happy Residence project is favoured by families for its strategic location in a good school district of Phu My Hung City Centre.

Phu My Hung expects happy residents at new Happy Residence

Phu My Hung expects happy residents at new Happy Residence

Urban developer Phu My Hung Development Company Ltd. has recently launched two model condos of its Happy Residence project in the southside district of Phu My Hung city centre.


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